Live Music with Louis Garou & Krista Chapman Green

Saturday & Sunday | Meet the IPMA International Pagan Music Award Nominees

Live Music with Louis Garou & Krista Chapman Green

April 29, 2023 at Enchanted! in Conway, AR

Raised in the dark hollows of Appalachia, Louis Garou has been traveling and writing most of his adult life. He calls his music, "Dark Americana" and it is popular among Witches and members of the Pagan community. Louis writes about Goddesses and Demons, about Witches and Wolves, about lonely, sometimes desperate people. And others who are not quite... People. Browse Louis' music here.

Krista Chapman Green writes, produces, and performs stories of hope, despair, joy and love. Krista says, "Music is a language we all speak. In all its forms and many formulations there sits one long and lasting note that we all hear. Through the ages people have shared joys, sorrows, and the daily walk of life through song. Stories of the magical and mundane, are woven into the fabric of our lives. These stories continue with each of us. These stories are mine, but they belong to anyone with the heart to hear them." Browse Krista's music here.

Louis & Krista will be at Enchanted! on April 29 & 30, 2023 signing copies of their CDs and performing live (times TBA). They will have CDs and other items for sale at Enchanted! These performances are FREE but will have limited seating. To reserve seats, please see the Louis & Krista ticket package that includes a CD (choose from Krista's "Fire and the Mountain" or Louis' "No Goin' Back"), reserved seating for 2 at both performances, "skip the line" status for an autograph at Louis & Krista's booth, and 2 Weekend Passes to Enchanted!

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  • Louis Garou & Krista Chapman Green, IPMA Music Award Nominees, will be at Enchanted! Metaphysics & Mystics Market in Conway, AR, on April 29, 2023

  • Listen to live performances by Louis & Krista on both Saturday & Sunday (Times TBA)

  • Purchase a special ticketing package for two that includes a CD, reserved seating at the workshop, and more